Biohazards must be removed, cleaned, decontaminated, transported, and properly disposed of to ensure the health and safety of all in the building. Biohazards contain bacteria and viruses that pose health risks to family, friends or employees who could possibly come in contact with biohazards. Blood-borne diseases, bacteria, and viruses found in blood and other bodily fluids can live outside the body for days and sometimes weeks. HIV & Hepatitis are the most commonly known risks that can be contracted from biohazards. When a traumatic accident, suicide, crime, or death occurs or you have biohazards on your property, then the area must be cleaned and disinfected properly.

On Call Bio North Carolina is here to help you make a difficult situation easier. We have professional crews who are discreet, arrive in an unmarked white truck, remain calm. They have your and the general public’s’ best interests in mind. On Call Bio North Carolina technicians are compassionate when working with clients. They will be able to help guide you through the process by clearly explaining the situation. On Call Bio North Carolina is thorough and has all the equipment necessary to recover, clean, disinfect, transport and dispose of biohazards. Years of experience and training have propelled us to the top of the list when unexpected and unfortunate accidents happen.

Call On Call Bio North Carolina now if you have a situation that needs quick and thorough biohazard cleanup.

On Call Bio North Carolina | Blood and Homicide Cleanup

Biohazardous Waste Cleanup

The biohazardous materials that we clean up include:

  • blood
  • feces
  • vomit
  • soiled clothing
  • bodily fluids
  • urine
  • used hypodermic needles
  • personal items

and anything else that has potentially been exposed to diseases that could be harmful to others.

Proper Biohazard Cleanup – Nothing Is Left Behind

At home, in the workplace, and even in a vehicle, boat or airplane, protecting yourself and others from exposure to biohazards and bloodborne pathogens should be your number one priority. When blood does not get cleaned properly the biomaterial begins to decompose, a strong odor emanates and flies are attracted to the scene. They may spread the contaminants to other areas that must also be found and cleaned. On Call Bio North Carolina will inspect the property and identify all areas that have been exposed to biohazards, remove, decontaminate, and clean up everything to mitigate the health risk.

Can My Employee Cleanup Biohazards?

Companies must follow strict guidelines as determined by OSHA Regulation 29CFR1910.1030 which mandates that employees have proper and comprehensive training before they are placed in a position to clean up or handle any incident that could expose them to biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, feces, vomit or chemicals. By calling On Call Bio North Carolina, you can mitigate any potential liability that you could face by having an employee clean up the biohazardous material.

On Call Bio North Carolina | Blood and Homicide Cleanup

Commercial Cleanup Services

We also offer residential and commercial biohazard removal services, including medical waste transportation and disposal of any biohazardous materials we collect during a clean-up, so you are fully covered with only one call. We will even help to recommend qualified restoration partners in your area who can help rebuild affected structure and surfaces affected by the biohazard remediation process.

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Biohazard cleanup.

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