Did you know that tear gas does far more than make a person cry? It can cause violent physical reactions like difficulty breathing, chest pain, and eye injuries. Additionally, the remnants of tear gas can be extremely hard to completely clear from a home or other structure.

Tear gas can be used by law enforcement personnel to subdue individuals involved volatile situations. Both tear gas pellets and canisters can damage property, but the real concern is the residue that is left behind. Without proper remediation, tear gas can create a serious, long-term health hazard.

At On Call Bio North Carolina, we will work to remove all traces of tear gas from your home, apartment complex, industrial structure, or business. Inexperienced clean-up crews may not completely remediate the space leaving behind compounds that can cause significant illness. Using state of the art tools and and chemicals, Bio -North Carolina provides professional cleanup of walls, floors, rugs, countertops, bathrooms, and more.

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